Knowledge, experience and quality deficiencies aside, many things can go wrong by hiring an uninsured business or handyman for your household job.  Two such catastrophes are contractor worker injuries, and accidental damage to your home or other property.  The contractor and their insurance carriers should be the primary payers in the event something goes wrong on the job.  However, if that business or handyman doesn’t have insurance or workmen’s comp, you as the homeowner are responsible.  That responsibility extends to not only the damage or injury, but to any effects of that damage and that worker’s medical bills and lost wages.

What's more, your standard homeowner’s insurance isn't going to cover you for these events. Most of these policies exclude damage caused by knowingly hiring uninsured or unlicensed contractors.

Before you hire any individual or business, ensure that they carry Liability, Workmen’s Comp insurance and applicable licenses.  Check with your Better Business Bureau or ask for proof of insurance from your contractor.

At Deck Medic, we completely remove the risk from you, the homeowner.  We carry full Workmen’s Comp insurance in case a worker gets hurt on your property, and we also carry $1,000,000 in Liability insurance, in case of accidental property damage.