Treat Your Deck With Protective Staining

Guard your outdoor surfaces with deck refinishing the in Mooresville, Cornelius or Huntersville, NC area

Backyard decks and waterfront docks are great amenities to have at your home. While they require regular maintenance, deck refinishing doesn't have to be a headache. Just hire Deck Medic of Lake Norman to stain your wooden surfaces.

We use only the best staining agents, ensuring thorough protection for your Mooresville, Cornelius or Huntersville, NC decks and docks. We know the harsh regional weather can take its toll, but with a professional deck staining, your wooden surfaces will last for years to come.

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Discover our 5-step restoration process

Discover our 5-step restoration process

Deck refinishing and staining is easy when you hire Deck Medic. We do our work through five simple steps:

  • Pre-treat with Pro Strip, our liquid deck stripping agent, to remove surface material.
  • Apply Pro Bright, our brightening and neutralizing agent, to reach a PH balance.
  • Apply Deck Medic’s Pro Mold Cleaner to mitigate mold spores resident in the grain of the wood.
  • Lightly sand and buff the surface
  • Apply 100% oil-based, semi-transparent stain via spray and back brushing.

For deck refinishing and dock staining in Mooresville, Cornelius or Huntersville, NC, go with a team that has perfected the process. Upgrade your deck and dock with high-quality staining today.




  • Included surfaces will be pressure washed using our Pro Deck Cleaner to remove dirt, pollutants, and any loose or flaking paint or stain.
  • All outdoor wood surfaces have mold/mildew that must be treated prior to staining. We will be using Deck Medic's Pro Mold Cleaner to attack any mold spores remaining in the grain of the wood after the initial cleaning. All surfaces will receive a final rinse to remove all cleaning products and prepare the surface for staining.
    Even solid acrylic (water based) stains need to be allowed to completely dry for a few days after pressure washing before we can return for the sanding and staining steps.
  • All areas of coating failure will be thoroughly scraped and sanded prior to top coating.
  • After all of the prep work has been completed we will apply a professional grade solid acrylic deck stain. The number of coats will depend on the prior condition and the color choice.