The following pictures and price range examples are from projects that Deck Medic of Lake Norman has completed. The prices indicated are for "Informational Purposes Only."

The price of your project will vary depending upon the current condition of the wood, wood structure, stain, or sealant currently on your wood, height/accessibility of wood, and other factors associated with time and materials required for your project.
*Your quoted project price may fall outside the range on either the low end or high end.

Existing Wood Restoration.

The finished projects shown below are the result of Deck Medic's highly popular and preferred wood restoration processes. The full description of these processes can be found at the following links:
Decks, Railings
Fences, Pergolas
Tropical Hardwoods

**It's important to note, that the wood restoration prices shown below are for the INITIAL restoration service. The follow-on service, often referred to as a Maintenance Service will be on average 50-60% of the original price, depending upon such factors as time since initial service, UV damage over time, wear & tear, scope of work, etc.

Small Raised Deck Restoration in Oil Stain
$700 - $1000 ($2.00 - $3.00/sf)

Large Dock Restoration in Solid Acrylic Stain
$2800 - $4000 ($2.50 - $3.75/sf)

Large Pergola Restoration in Oil Stain
$1800 - $2600 ($3.00 - $4.50/sf)

Medium Fence Restoration in Oil Stain (Both Sides)
$1200 - $1800 ($.90 - $1.50/sf)

Small Retaining Wall Restoration in Oil
$600 - $1000 ($.90 - $1.50/sf)

Small Tropical Hardwood Deck (IPE wood) in Oil
$400 - $800 ($2.50 - $3.50/sf)

Small Deck Restoration in Solid Acrylic
$800 - $1200 ($2.50 - $3.50/sf)

The wood projects below use only premium wood and ceramic coated galvanized screws. Prices include woodwork completed, but not staining. All debris will be removed. Go to the following link for more details on Deck Repair.

Handrail Replacement
$75/cut and installed board

Multiple Deck Board Replacement
$75/cut and installed board

Medium Re-Deck (Replacement of All Top Boards)
$2100 - $3400 ($11.00 - $15.00/sf)

Small Step Assembly Replacement
$600 - $900

Composite/PVC Projects.

Concealed Fastening System & Plugs and Camo Fasteners will be used to secure deck boards for clean look. Additional fees may be incurred to level joists and prepare structure for long term life of new surface.

Small Deck & Steps Composite/PVC Re-Deck
$4200 - $5600

Large Deck, Steps & Skirting Composite/PVC Re-Deck
$12,000 - $18,000
Cable Railing is Separate (call for details)