Maintain a Beautiful Deck

You can count on us to keep your deck looking great

After the 5-Step Process, your deck is setup for future success. As our professional oil stains are of the highest quality, the surface won't peel, crack or chip. Your deck color will simply fade over time. As your deck fades beyond your comfort level, just simply give us a call for maintenance. It is less labor for us and much less costly for you. We can successfully do the maintenance process several times before we would have to strip it again. Our customers find that this ensures a protected and beautified deck for many, many years and at a very reasonable year-over-year cost.

Treat your deck right with deck maintenance services from us. Consult our experienced team today.

Get to Know Our 3-Step Maintenance Service:

Get to Know Our 3-Step Maintenance Service:

  • Apply deck cleaner to remove dirt and pollutants
  • Treat your deck with Pro Mold Cleaner to remove mold and mildew
  • Re-Apply Deck Medic stain to bring the surface back to like-new status

Keeping your deck in top condition is easy with the right help. Connect with us now to set a date for deck maintenance services.