Meet the Owner

How did your Air Force career prepare you for success as an entrepreneur?

  • Integrity, Service, Excellence. These are the core values for each member of the Air Force team. I strongly believe these core values are applicable to every endeavor in life, and I bring these core values with me in leading this organization.
  • Project Management Training - You have resources...time, money, have a task or train, you outfit, you motivate and you go. Whether you succeed or fail, you learn along the way. And you take those lessons and integrate them back into the processes.

How does Deck Medic differentiate itself from the competition?

  • The #1 reason a deck stain fails is lack of preparation. Any wood surface needs to be cleaned and prepared correctly for the stain to perform as expected. And that's where Deck Medic stands out from the crowd. We have what is called the Triple Wash that thoroughly cleans and prepares the wood for the final finish.

What's a typical restoration that Deck Medic undertakes for homeowners?

  • Although we do restore other outdoor wood structures like docks, fences, pergolas, play sets, etc., 90% of what we restore are decks. The average size of a deck we restore is 12x16, however, we have taken on much larger projects.

What advice do you have for deck owners?

  • From a strictly monetary perspective, the condition of your deck can either add value to your home or decrease the value of your home. So, it's very important to maintain the wood. Treat it like you would your car. You don't wait until the engine fails before you fix your car. No. You change the oil; you do periodic maintenance. The same holds true for your deck. If you ignore it, it won't get better. I run into many customers who call me when their deck is on its last leg, so to speak, with rotting boards, delaminating boards, loose or rotting railings, and they want it fixed. They get to the point where they don't even go out on their deck anymore. We're happy to restore it. However, if that customer had just initially applied a professional grade stain, and properly and periodically maintained the deck, it would not only last longer, but be usable and beautiful for many more years to come.

What do customers like most about your service?

Communication and our Technicians

  • We keep the customer informed as to what process we will use, when it will start, how it is going along the way, and then we follow up. Customers love the fact that when they call our number we answer right away or return the call by day's end.
  • Also, I routinely get feedback about the professionalism, politeness and work ethic of our technicians. I encourage our technicians to engage with the customer, even if it stops their work. The customer is oftentimes very curious about how our processes and products work.

What are your goals for Deck Medic of Lake Norman?

  • Business-wise: I want Deck Medic of Lake Norman to be the #1 outdoor wood restoration company in the Charlotte area
  • But more importantly and more strategic in nature, and in fact it's our mission statement: We seek to protect and beautify outdoor wood structures in order to preserve or enhance customer property values, enrich their outdoor experiences and ultimately bring families closer together.

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